Tactics to Improve your Organic Social Media Reach

  • 03 Sep, 2019

    Tactics to Improve your Organic Social Media Reach

    Social Media – This is the first strategy comes up in all our minds when we talk about building our brand. Organic Social Media is an effective way to grow your brand awareness and achieve success. It helps to develop the community of engaged fans.

    There are many social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for organic reach. Facebook is the first platform for organic social media reach that comes in mind. But Interesting fact is Facebook is also the first platform that comes in the conversation of the decline of organic reach.

    Now, everyone thinks ‘What about other organic social media reach platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter?’

    Let’s not deny the fact that Organic Social Media reach has been plummeting. There have been many reasons happening for this combat. First, there is a need to understand why it’s happening than to learn the tactics to improve organic social media reach.

    Reason to Declining of Organic Social Media Reach:

    You might have been told by many experts that all these social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn only wants to make money.
    But that’s not true.
    A Reddit user Brain Cristiano wrote one Interesting Post where he explained about complex change in social media content.
    He clearly explained how Facebook is pushing its paid advertising platform. With this change of line on Facebook, they only want to engage users on the platform.
    All social media platforms only show engaged content to users and drop all the non-engaged content. Social Media platforms are adopting their new SEO platforms to promote engaging content and positive user experience.

    Let’s now discuss the strategies to improve social media organic reach:

    1.Choose the Right Platform:

    “Work Smart than to Work Hard.”
    All the business wants to be active on all social platforms from Facebook to Instagram. They think this will engage more users in their activities.
    Do the audience is active on every platform? Not really. So it’s always better to target the right platforms.
    The best way to target the right platform is to communicate with users via email, call, and conduct surveys with them. Either, you can ask users which social platforms they are using the most for their business as well as personal purpose.
    You can have a look at which social platforms your competitors are posting their content to engage more users. The other tactic is to analyze where your content is being shared. This will help you to choose the right platform.

    2.Create Evergreen Content:

    Creating ‘Evergreen Content’ is not easy to do than said. Many posts of social media platforms have a varied lifespan. Evergreen content is more engaging than other posts. Always try to make an opportunity to create your posts outstanding.
    Remember, never post content with a limited lifespan. The posts must be informative, regarding problem-solving, positive notes that can hit the emotions like humor, funny or shock. This will target a more engaged user to share your content.

    3.“The smarter you are, the more creative you become”

    Have you ever get irritated when you are seeing someone’s same post over 10-15 times in a day? Ah! Feeling bored and spams that page. Now, imagine seeing one post which has high-quality and unique content which is quite interesting. You will engage more on that page.
    So, remember never post the same content many times on social media. You need to focus to post which has high quality and unique content that targets the more engaged audience. The less-quality content will spam your page and results in a bad effect on business.

    4.Posting Relevant Content:

    To boost your social media profiles, you need to analyze which type of content (video, link, photo, and status) can engage more users and enhance your social media organic reach. According to the study, these days video content enhances social media reach and grows trust in your brand. Always remember, the video must be high quality and must have relevant information that users’ find useful as well.

    Final Takeaway:

    You can see positive changes in your social media organic reach if you think in a similar way to SEO work. So, organic social media reach is all about the organization, quality, content, management, optimization, promotion, and engagement.

    Think, Learn, and understand how to improve your Organic Social Media Reach.

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