Reasons why Google Play and App Store Block your Applications

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    Reasons why Google Play and App Store Block your Applications

    Millions of apps are developed by expert mobile application developers in a year. Ever thought, do all the applications are launched by Google Play and App store? Do all the apps are perfect without any issue?

    Lately, there have been many stories happen where mobile applications developed by mobile app development experts seems to be perfect, the UI looks unique and navigation is perfect, but still, it’s not accepted by Google Play and App Store.

    Experts didn’t get clarification of the particular reason for rejection of their app by these two platforms. They are not defined for the exact reason for their app not launched. Let’s have the look for reasons why apps are rejected.

    1.Violation of Privacy Policy:

    Developers must make sure that any application to be launched on Google Play or App Store must not have any false or misleading policy. For every application, it is important to link it to privacy policy page that include policies for using the app and the legal policies that can be implemented on application in case of wrong usage.

    2.Bugs and Crashes:

    Many developers don’t test their applications if their applications are working well. But applications always have bugs that may crash their app. So, Testing is always important for applications before you publish it. If there is any bug in application then they reject the app.

    3.Inappropriate usage of keywords:

    This is the common problem every Mobile app development face. For the promotion of their app. they use the stuff of keywords in order to facilitate the search for potential users. But it always results in rejection. Always make sure to use correct and limited keywords in the description.

    4.Performance Issues:

    Sometimes, many apps have a large size that may take time to load properly or unable to perform due to low internet issue. Then it is sure that your app is rejected. The app is only accepted if it loads properly and has no technical issues.

    5.Selection of appropriate images:

    Many times developers upload the images that violate the policy of app. Every image in the application must be legally acquired. If the developers upload the images used in another application, then the legal action can be taken by its owner and can result in a rejection of app. Make sure all the images used in the application are appropriate for all ages.

    5.Compatible with new devices:

    Mobile App Development experts must always test the applications on the latest devices. The entire app must work on the latest systems for glitch-free experience by the users. The app must be user-friendly. Otherwise, Google Play and App Store do not launch the app.


    These are the most common reasons apps are rejected by Google Play and App store. If your app gets rejected, first look for the possible reasons for rejection and launch the app once again for approval.

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