Mobile App Development Trends 2019

  • 20 Jun, 2019 Mobile-App-Development-Trends-2019

    Mobile App Development Trends 2019

    Ever imagine your world without smartphones? You might feel incomplete your day without accessing smartphone applications. One’s contemporary lifestyle is completely relying on mobile applications.
    With the enhancement of advanced technologies, Mobile Applications has taken over the IT world with a storm. According to the report by statista, it is predicted that the number of mobile users to cross the mark of 5 billion by the end of 2019. Well in 2019, it’s not wrong to think that with the constant evolution of mobile applications, there will be new trendsetters’ applications with advanced technologies.

    Let’s have a look at the forthcoming applications that will rule the mobile app development world in 2019.

    1.Mobile Wallets- The game changer of Internet Banking

    Do you agree since the demand for mobile payments is rising, the card payments become vanished?
    Mobile payment services are embracing the financial industry. They are much quicker, easy to handle and secure way of making payments.
    The existing mobile wallets like Paytm, Google Pay, Bhim UPI has already created the buzz in the industry. With the increasing demand of m-wallet, people are expecting more frictionless and encrypted secure payment methods that will save the trouble of visiting banks to get money.

    2. Chatbot- New Technology Buzzword

    A chatbot is going to make a new path in Mobile App Trends in 2019. After the popularity of chatbot in 2018, it is concluded that 40% of large business will adopt chatbot in 2019. A chatbot can automate the live customer support at any time, deliver accurate services, and increase profitable sales.
    In 2019, Chatbot has the capability to handle complex human interaction with ease and become more AI driven.

    3. IOT(Internet of Things)- New boon for Technology

    IOT(Internet of Things) has become hyped technology in Mobile App development trend. It is a network of interconnected smart devices through embedded sensors, inbuilt circuits, and software.
    In 2019, we will see the IOT becoming a more integral part of daily lives at home and at work.

    4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning- Significant Growth

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning succeeded in their growth by creating a huge impact in simplifying the services. Artificial Intelligence has manifest in the form of a chatbot, while Siri, the collaboration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a significant part of Mobile App Development. Many sectors have already started embracing these technologies to Increase their profit and decrease operational expenses

    5. Instant Apps- Loud buzz Apps in the Technology world

    This is the most attention-grabbing application since 2016. These are native mobile apps which attract more users as they are convenient to use, user-friendly and does not need to install which will make your phone memory free. Some examples of Instant apps are Buzzfeed, Redbull TV, New York Time Crossword, etc.

    In 2019, it is expected that some companies like Facebook will try to create such apps that will not require the use of an app store to install them.

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