Laravel: Most Popular PHP Framework

  • 17 Jul, 2019

    Laravel: Most Popular PHP Framework

    PHP is the most popular server-side programming language from last many years. PHP frameworks- Codeigniter, Zend, Yii, and Laravel are emerging frequently. Choosing the right framework to build a robust web application has been a daunting task. To choose the framework, the development team has several factors i.e. API Integration, the cost of development, the user experience of a framework, the popularity of framework, Interface, testing that can be considerable.
    If we talk about popularity, Laravel has retained the top position. Laravel has gain immense momentum in less time and enable to build and maintain high-quality web application with special features. This platform offers hassle-free coding in the development process to developers without sacrificing any functionality of web application.
    No doubt, Laravel platform is tremendously popular among developers and business owners as it provides surplus benefits such as well-structured documentation, stability, elegant user interface.

    Let’s read about special features of Laravel that is worth making it popular.

    1.Blade Template Engine:

    The topmost reason that Laravel get the edge over other framework is “Blade Templating Engine”. Laravel has light weighted pre-defined templates that help the developers to create an amazing layout for any web application and optimize the performance. Using Blade Templating, a developer can organize well-structured documentation and templates can be reused or split in an easier and cleaner way.

    2.In-built Authorization and Authentication:

    Laravel offers out-of-the-box configuration in an extraordinary way to easily implement authorization and authentication. Laravel provides easy ways to organize the authorization logic and secure access to resources by using two primary ways: Gates and Policies.


    Laravel has built-in Command Line Interface, called Artisan. The developers interact with the Laravel framework using a command line. This command-line provides the functionality to manage and build a Laravel based project environment. Laravel’s inbuilt tool Artisan helps to perform tedious programming tasks with ease, without any manual efforts.


    If you build an application related to data security or transaction, then definitely Laravel is the best framework. Laravel ensures the security in the web application as it always generates the encrypted password rather than saving the password on plain text. No other framework ensures security in the application.

    5.Selection of appropriate images:

    Many times developers upload the images that violate the policy of app. Every image in the application must be legally acquired. If the developers upload the images used in another application, then the legal action can be taken by its owner and can result in a rejection of app. Make sure all the images used in the application are appropriate for all ages.

    5.MVC (Model View Controller) Support:

    Laravel uses MVC architecture that ensures the clarity between and presentation. MVC support helps to optimize the performance of web applications and better documentation. This also includes achieving the multiple built-in functionalities of the application.

    The above mentioned amazing features are the reason for the popularity of the Laravel framework amongst all other frameworks. Laravel has been releasing its version day by day with more stability and amazing architecture. If you want to build a web application using Laravel with stability, optimum performance, authentication then Contact us.

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