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The great end of learning is not knowledge but action

In this competitive world, everyone wants to grow in professional world. Having a theoretical is not a scope of employment, nor it is a positive attitude of the scope in an employment. Competition in the profession world is growing harder day by day. All graduates must have always specific knowledge, practical experience, excellent skills and more dedication towards the work to step into job market. This positive attitude will boost them to be competitive in the employment world.

Is this possible with theoretical knowledge. No, theoretical knowledge cannot build this positive attitude. All are acknowledges with the term “6 months Industrial Training.” Every student must hard work in this training. Is Industrial Training really necessary? We all must have heard:

Industrial Training is bestow with the following objectives

• To provide platform to students where they can enhance their learning ability skills.
• To become specialized in one particular technology.
• To enable students in developing industrial skills such as leadership quality, Team work, dedication and time Management.
• To equip skills in the practical work situations.
• To provide opportunity to apply their skills they have acquired in a real-life work situation.
• To improve students’ competencies so they can adapt with the changing environment of world of work and technology advancement.

Importance of Industrial Training

Enhancement of Practical Knowledge
In college life, only theoretical knowledge is provided. The practical knowledge is acquired at the time of Industrial Training. You can utilize your theoretical knowledge into real-life situations.

Exposure of Employment:
You are equipped about the processes followed by the different industries. It helps you to grow your analytical and technical skills and thereby making you adaptable according to different industries.

Growth of Social Network
Industrial Training helps you to develop your professional network. You get connected to many professionals which build a strong social profile.

Enhancement of Interpersonal Skills
Development of Interpersonal skills is valuable in professional world.Training helps to develop communication skills, qualities like team management, leadership quality and time management.

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